Week 22: The Master Builder

The following day I was invited to see "The Master Builder". I was interested to see they had covered the set with gravel and used timber panels to indicate the stage. At first, I was confused why this feature had been added as the first two scenes were set in an office. The backdrop displayed old  wood and foliage behind a giant oval sculpture adding to the idea of being outside, both these features were shown throughout the entire performance. Above the actors was an oval wooden sculpture acting almost as a roof. It had missing panels making it look fragile. I thought this linked to the idea of being an architect as they cover structure, design, and support.  I noticed each time the set changed the wooden sculpture would rotate, creating a new effect each time. In the second set changed I saw that they cleverly slotted the top of a bookshelf with a gap in one of the panels. 

Overall I wasn't very impressed with the story line of the play and personally found it was too long and didn't have enough of a cliffhanger to follow  onto the next two intervals. All the main drama was at the end when the play when the master builder fights his fears. During the final scene, a swing is visible stage right. We see the supporting actor swing harshly, using all her body weight to force the swing over the audience adding intensity to the scene. Her costume was a long old fashioned skirt which was very appropriate for this section.

The play closes with a dramatic ending ( see picture below) The back foliage and wood seen static throughout the entire play falls to the ground creating a massive sound from a great height. The actors become a freeze frame and all the focus turns to the woman still swinging. Lights turn from a lit up stage to a to a white spotlight focusing down.

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