Week 22: Science Museum

When I went to the science Museum along with Georgette and Julian, we looked at medicine through History and the contraptions they used to treat polio and lobotomies. I was interested to see the materials used in medicine were mainly to be sustainable,using wood, metal or rubber. It showed they cared little about the patients comfort (a more mental relating subject) and mostly cost and efficiency. These aspects carry on to look at the population in Asylums, efficiency such as how many time things were cleaned, reused and repurchased. This is something to take into account when creating my garment and thinking of fabric, using cheap fabric would be authentic if creating an overall or mouthguard. 

I was interested to see they had a lot of examples where they had studies the brain and what they thought each area showed, i.e wisdom, creativity, humor. With the amount of research accomplished over the years, you would have thought they would have a better understanding how to treat brain problems and the most effective solution for treating. 

Other exhibitions which were being shown involved interactive learning. The basement of the science museum featured an entire playroom full of fun learning activities including gravity experiment puzzles and reactive projectors as well as science shows using chemical and physics. Even though these areas of the museums were not aimed towards later teens, we still enjoyed trying out all the activities if not more than the kids. 

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