Week 21: Unit 7 introduction

When being told unit 7 for the first time, I was unsure about what it was we had to do and the time period in which we had. At the time, I was currently preparing for my UP interview for all five option and working on my past part two project for the referral. 

As as class, we met in the lecture theatre to watch a powerpoint and full insight of the project. I started by reading the play and looking at film versions to have a better understanding of the themes and motifs. I find it helpful by following up both sources as many of films interpret characters in very different ways. When I first watched the film I didn't really understand the story line, concept or main themes. I asked my parents and sister as they had a better understanding and found out they had been to a theatre performance in 2004 starring Christian Slater and Alexander Kingston. Knowing this gave me a better idea about the characters, seeing Kingston in other performances. Watching it again for the second time was a lot of help, I was able to take other things into consideration other than the acting and look at key points within the film including mannerisms, dialect, and body language. From this, I went onto looking at supporting work which followed similar themes.

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