We had photo shooting by professional photographer today. Actually I did not finish making until before 1hour my shooting time. I asked Helmert to be the model of my work, because I need the model who has strong image and the atmosphere that people are afraid of. In my opinion, he usually smile  when he is talking with students  in the class and his characteristic is very friendly. However  I sometimes saw his serious face that is different than usual. It was dignified.

To do shooting with professional photographer is not first time for me. Moreover, Helmert posed and changed expression by himself. So I could finish shooting very fast compare with other. I informed him my concept and asked him to imagine he is Zeus, he is king of GODS and he is the strongest exist in the world. Then he practiced to express my order in the front of the mirror.  I felt that all of shooting team understand the concept or theme of work is very important and make photo shoot more smoothly today.

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