In the class, I made the mini model of latex. In my opinion, to use sewing skill is the best way to connect the latex together.  And then I tried to use the sewing machine, because it  could be the shortening of work hours. Unfortunately,  the surface of back of the latex is like a skid and it is not possible to slip the latex sheets on the machine. It means the sewing machine does not work on my work. This problem make my time schedule changed drastically.  As a next step, I made the 3D shape using the latex sheets by hand sewing. At the beginning  of making, It takes for 30 minute for to sew the mini model. The thread for stitching is too thin for the latex, It goes through when I pull it. And I tried to use the thread which is for embroidery. However, it was getting ravel  by the friction which cause when the thread go through the latex.

I need to buy other type of  strong thread tomorrow.

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