Edgar Martins presents a selection of images from his project titled,Siloquies and Soliloquies on death, life and other interludes.  

Martins has worked closely with the Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Science in Portugal to create the work, which includes challenging images relating to death. Presented are photographs of forensic evidence, archival material and Martins? own reflections.

Whilst upholding respect for the deceased and the bereaved, Martins raises the importance of discussing why our depiction and understanding of death creates tensions when spoken about in public.


Jordan Baseman presents one part of his 2013 exhibition, Deadness. Projected 35mm slides collected by the artist show images taken by families of recently deceased loved ones, or their funerals.

The project explores the historical, cultural and sociological relationship between photographic portraiture and embalming. The embalmer?s attention focuses on preparation for the moment relatives and loved ones view the deceased, to leave the bereaved with a peaceful image and memory of the deceased.

Interviews and discussion are central to Baseman?s creative process, this work focuses on the experiences of Dr John Troyer ? Deputy Director for the Centre for Death and Society at the University of Bath.  


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