I was making latex sheets as test in the class. To dry latex completely takes long time (Minimum 6hours). So I tried to paste latex very flat and thin on the hard paper for drying quickly.And waited for approximately 2 hours. It was success to dry latex for short time.

However,when I tear off the latex from the paper, the paper adhere to the latex. My friend suggested me to wet it, because she guessed paper gonna be brittle and we can remove paper from the latex easier than before. It was very helpful to peal off the paper, but we could not remove it completely. And then I feel I should use a plastic sheet or cutter board instead of the paper at the next time.

In addition, latex is sticking each other when I  was making work.I am not sure, but I considered the reason why did happen the problem is not to dry latex for the time which was written on the manual. To according the manual is very important to avoid failure.

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