I went to Tate Modern this afternoon, because on last Thursday, one of my friends, Wenju told me "Phillip Guston's work is got inspiration from human legs, and your work is also got inspiration from legs. So I suggest you should go to see his work at Tate Modern".  It is very helpful to increase my research and to develop idea.

To see art works live have some advantage compare with we see it on the internet or books. For example , it could give us more huge impact,we can see more detail, and I sometimes could feel mysterious atmosphere from works.

These days I did not have a chance to visit museum. However, it is very necessary for me today, because my expertise of art is less than my friends. They always spend their free time effectively in their hobby and their study. On the other hand, I am usually lazy on holiday and not good at time management. Tutor always say time management is most important to work with others, like we have to observe the deadline and  not to be late appointment.  These are general common sense for workers. I need to reconsider my own self.

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