Today, I joined shooting that is a Japanese hair stylist's portfolio for hair styling  competition, and also my portfolio as a fashion stylist. My future dream is to be fashion stylist who not only do styling, but also design clothes.So I sometimes help a fashion stylist as an assistant.

A Japanese hair stylist was looking for fashion stylist on MIXB (Japanese notice board in the internet) before. It was chance to have experience as stylist, because I did not have any portfolio yet. The portfolio is very necessary to be stylist at the first. It shows my works to the client and could be helpful to get new job. 

In beginning of shooting, I joined instead of a fashion stylist as an assistant. However, all stylings that she choose are did not suit the model. And then shooting team ask me " Can you do styling by your clothes?" It was such a short notice, but I accept their request for step forward to approach my future dream. They were very kind to let me do it freely.

Actually, I could not be happy with my works. TO do styling for others is more difficult than to do for me. It need balance between clothing and the model's style, hair styling, and their face. This shooting taught me difficulty of this job.


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