I had CSM fashion UP today. It was the most important day for me. Before UP, all of students who apply fashion waited in front of the room during BA tutors was looking at our portfolio. Everyone's faces were scarily and there are a tense atmosphere. It made me more nerves than Jewellery UP. Some JFFA students also apply fashion courses. We cheered up each other for removing a fear and to make us calm down.

In the half of UP, the atmosphere was getting genial. However, an accident happened me that BA tutor of 2 different courses came to me at the same time. It means I had to do presentation to 2 courses. I thought I am going to show different project each tutors. I was in panic.Fortunately, I could relax quickly. And then I showed them one of my works which is Small change project, because my first choice is fashion print and its my work which was used printing technique is best for approaching to this course.

One of tutor who is  in fashion print said " your work is so printing".  I don't know how did they feel about my work and whether is her saying good meaning or bad, but I am glad  she can understand my first choice is fashion print. My work, sketchbook and portfolio could tell them the most important thing.

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