Today we did not have the class, because there is UP of Jewellery. I was up all night in library for making portfolio. Actually, I already finished making it for Jewellery, but I need other portfolio which approach fashion for tomorrow and day after tomorrow. After displayed my work and portfolio at the morning, I wanted to sleep for short time. However, I could not sleep,because I had to think about presentation at UP, how can I explain my work, and inform my idea to BA tutor for 2min. I tried to make note what I am going to say. Then I remember previous crit that I did presentation to BA tutor when I was looking memo. when people tell others something, speaker should do eye contact with listener, So I often saw tutor during my presentation. It means to repeat see tutor and my note. But, in the middle of presentation, I was confuse which sentence  I am reading now.That is why, I decided to be going to do presentation without memo.

I tensed up when enter the room that there are BA tutors. We could notice each other that everyone was very nervous, because some people‘s faces were stiffen. Other people's hand was shaking.  Since I could understand we were in same situation and  have same feeling, this situation made me relax little bit.

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