My thoughts: Balkan Baroque

While watching this, I started to feel that what she did was so very truthful and human... showing many aspects of humanity there, like: the "good" = the will trying to fix and repair things... and the "bad" = some things can't get fixed and never can get repaired... sometimes even the attempt is unavailing and can never be successful... so, one must watch not to fall into despair while breathing and living, though it is important to go on with trying to fix and repair things for not getting lost at all... just, the attempt to fix, heal or repair must channel into protecting the future peace and so protecting future lives instead of trying to resuscitate the already lost and dead over and over again. it sounds very easy written but very difficult to do & live, because it means that you will have to forgive, maybe unforgivable... but you know exactly that you have to forgive because otherwise everything & everyone is doomed. It's sadly still very actual if you take a look to what happens all over the world today... like in the Ukraine, Syria, Irak, many regions of Africa & Asia etc.

The fact that she was there for 7 hours in the basement of the biennial doing her performance is very tolerant, and she said in one interview about this performance : "every day during that week when i came back home i was trying to wash out the smell of the rotting flesh but i couldn't, and i couldn't eat meat for months afterwards " So that means that the shame and the guilt we feel after war is can't be removed. i found this a very touching and thought-provoking piece.

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