My thoughts: Rhythm 0

This piece is a powerful demonstration of the dynamics of the objectification women. It's so interesting how the audience responded when confronted with the reality of their complicity in that process. The emergence of volition in the so-long passive artist confronts the audience with the fact of person-hood within the manipulated object. This triggers cognitive dissonance the audience responds to with fear.

I was excited of watching behaviours of different people throughout the video. it was unpredictable thing that makes this work of art so fascinating. Here i understood her idea that she tried to proof how human behaviour isn't what we suspect or believe it will be. She did took some risks for herself, I agree..seeing how far the public would be going" in a public" place: the gallery. How far would humans go in a closed non-personal space..without control of others? Human, adolescent beings with education as well wouldn't be so trusty as we think they will. Lucky she didn't try such an experiment in an UN-controlled space. I felt this is very important documentary video for my project about human behaviour.

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