ten architecture students from Columbia University GSAPP


Polymorphic is a fascinating kinetic installation designed and produced by ten architecture students from Columbia University GSAPP in New York City. It is a kinetic installation utilizing an innovative design and engineering solution inspired by the simple kinetic action of a see-saw and the reverberating motion of a Slinky. The design is comprised of a double-sided bench which transforms through a series of 119 unique and interconnected sections into a chaise lounge and finally an interactive balance board. These sections are connected via an inventive pivot and bolt system which allows the vertical movement of one section to be picked up by others down the line. Together, this motion allows the installation to transform from a series of leveled sections into an undulating form activated through interaction with its occupants.


Very Architectural furniture, I really understand the skill of architecture is so helpful to create furniture.The changing form depending on the position of people is good to enjoy sharing. (I put the video of it on the moving images page)

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