Week 10

Ockams Razor Dress Rehearsal. (Tipping Point):

The actors used five sticks which hangs on the stand in the performance. It makes me feel like they are playing with the sticks. They make the sticks spinning around any they starts to run and try to catch the sticks. They make 5 sticks flickering around and starts to dodge the sticks. The spinning stick make me feel like they are playing and hiding from time. They also performed some acrobatics which two people spinning around like a clock. This makes me remember some chinese acrobatics. At the end they put back fore sticks and left one stick which hangs in the middle. They spin it and let it to sing around by itself. It has white sand inside and when the stick spins, the sand flow out on the floor which creates a swirl shape. The light was really good and capture the feelings and moods of the performance. The sound makes the sticks alive. I really like the idea of putting sand into the sticks, the swerve shape was really nice and the using of light on it makes is comes out and really 3 dimensional. It makes me think the Time never stops.

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