Questions to myself

What will I do if I have more time?

If I have more time, I will research deeper and make the film more interesting.

I will make a real tent.

I will choose bigger fabrics for the tent so we can show the outside look of the tent in the film.

I will learn how to do the make ups for grandmother.

I will find a better place for angle scene. If We can use the flying, we will hang the clouds on and I will fly.

Our plan was there will be a crying girl running out from the Fortune teller's tent. But we didn't have enough time.

We will edit the film more good quality.

We will record the original sound and to compare with the voice over to see which one suits the film.

What will I do if I can do this project again?

I will book the equipment a week or two week before the showing day.

I will make sure all the things work properly before the showing day.

I will perform better.

I will record the original sound.

I will use the Nest for the showing day so we can project the film in it and the audience will have enough space to sit and look.

I will also put more monitors next to the wall on the street and put headphones on so people can look at the film by their self.  

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