What I learned

I learned a lot in this project:

Write a timetable so we won't run out of time

Ways to setting up an exhibition.

How to use the sound studio and record sound.

How to record sound with the film.

How to use premier pro to edit videos and sounds.

Different ways of film.

Share out the work and help one another. Like making tent, clouds, stars, borrowing fabrics, costumes, Booking equicpment and buying stuffs for gradmother's scene.

Book all the equipment before the last day.

Practise for the show and also try the equipment to see if it works well.

If using the nest, need to ask tutor to book a cable connecter.

Need ask tutor to book a cleaner's adpter in order to use the socket on the street.

Book the rooms like black lab. white lab or sound studio a week before or earlier.

Ways to present the film.

Practising performence.

Find suitable places for each scene.

Sharing ideas with group members.

Give opinions to group members.




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