Performance Day

Our film is at half eleven. We came to uni around ten o'clock so we have time to prepare. We had some problems with connecting the charger into the socket on the street. Our plan was place two screen monitors on the street, one is infront of the loan store and another is in the middle of the wall opposite canteen. And the projector is under the nest opposite the caravan. But when we want to use the socket on the street, we found out that we need to have a clenner's adapter inoder to use it. We decide to set up the monitor infront of the loan store first because the socket at there is useable. When we finished set up this mornitor. We went to the clourful wall for setting up the projector. Because we went to the street before for looking at the spaces where we can put all the things on. We found a white space  in the clourful wall. So we decide this wall is for our back up plan. Angela and Linda was setting up the projector. So I went to set up the other monitor. Because the socket on the street is not working, I decide to place the two monitors together and place six headphones on the table so they can all sit together. But while I'm setting up the monitors, Angela told me the laptop is not working and the place is too bright even we use the projector, we still can't see clearly on the projections. So we decide to move the other monitor to the white wall and connect a speaker on it so people can look at it all together. When we connect the speaker on to the monitor, it didn't work. We saw a guy working and listening to music by a big speker opposite us. We went to ask him if we can borrow his speaker and he said yes. We end up with two monitors, one with headphones on and the other with speakers on. We think some people would like to use headphones because it's really different with the speakers. And it's feel like you looking at the film individually by the headphone and the experience are different.

Feedback from students and teachers:

It's really dramatic because in the film Hongru does die like waitting. It's sad and dramatic but like the whole movie is humor. Really like the contracts. 

There is one scene hongru sitting by the window and this scene makes people expecting something exciting to happen but it's just hongru expressionless and nothing happened and it's funny.

The movie is very engaging and convencing.


Where it's placed? What would you do with this sort of work? Where will you put it? Is it something you can go and listen? Who is the audience and where is the audience?

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