Mua is a swing where love just happens, where lovers lie face to face, the best position for a long and romantic kiss.Ergonomically designed to fit two people in a intimate space, lovers lay down face to face just close enough to bring their lips together.This furniture takes the old rattan weaving techniques honed in the small shops out of town and transforms this knowledge into a tool to create the shapes that make up this object.



Loopita is the social chaise longue, a place where you just share a view, a book and a moment with a friend.Designed as a space for conversation, creating a public and private space at the same time. Through creating a sculptural and symbolic space we generate an emotional object.The process behind the creation of this furniture uses modern production techniques like CNC machining with handwork by experienced artisans in woodworking, creating a process we call digital crafmanship, giving the human touch to a digitally created object.



These designs are not good technical referance, but very good example of design of furnitures intended to be shared.  

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