The day before Showing Day

We went to find the spaces on the street where has socket on. We wanted to use the Green Nest but we tried the socket on it and it wasn't connected with electricity. We went to find Steve and he said we need to contact CTR. Then we went to student center and get the phone number of CTR. He said we need ask a staff to go and collect the cable in order to make the socket on the Nest works. We went to ask Andrea and she send an email to CTR. While we 're waiting, we went back to Library and start to editing the film, we still have some film to put in and also need to put the subtitles on. I download the risk assessment form and start to write it. For the space on the street, we want to place one screen monitor infant of the loan store and we ask the permission for it. We also want to place one in front of the art shop but the staff won't let us. Then we ask the Voting group can we place a screen monitor in front of the wall where apposite the caravan. They said they won't be there tomorrow. So we can place one at there. The projector will be placed in the middle of the street where opposite the canteen. We will put three benches behind the projector so people can sit.

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