Film Killing Scene

We went to Linda's place for the Killing Scene. There is a really big park next to her place and we went there. We went to the temple place that Linda showed us before. But we don't think it looks nice and suitable for the killing scene. Then we walked aroud in the park and we found a tree and there wasn't buildings aoud it and it has grass field around it. The weather was windy and cloudy and we all think this weather is suitable for the killing scene. Because I need to act two characters in the same time, one is Hongru and another is the kiling person. I suddenly had an Idea of how to film me in one shot. It's like to film hongru first and turn the camera around slowly so I have time to get change and run from the oppsite of the camera to the place where Hongru got killed. We tried around five times and he final one was the best one. Angela and me was talking about the costume for the killing character in the undergroud and I suddenly had an idea of tie a piece of fabric or paper around my head and write Waiting on it. When we met Linda and we told her about the idea we had and she agree with us and Angea writ done the Waiting on the paper and tie it around my head. Angela tie the paper around my eyes for fun and we all think that it actually looks better than the head. So we decide to tie it around my Eyes. For the costumes Me and Angela was thinking about write Waiting on the white T-shirt but we had the waiting on the eyes. Then Linda and us decide to draw an Golden Arrow on the T--shirt. Finally we got all the scenes for the film and now is to edit them all together. We all think we will be so busy on Monday to edit and finish the film.

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