Flower scene

We had a group meeting after the studio crit. We decided to film the killing scene on the nextday. Because we are free in the morning and we booked the sound studio in the afternoon. Angela and me need to go to Linda's place for the killing scene and it's quite far from where we live. We decide to go together but we end up waiting for eachother in different places and when we finally met eachother, it's already late. So we decide to film the flower scene instead of the killing secen. Angela and me went aroud at the kingscross station and we found a place which was quite nice and we want to see how it look like in the film so we use phone to see if it's ok. We want to find some other place for this scene and we found a really nice place for the scene. The weather was sunny and really nice but a bit windy. We went to Waitrose to buy the flowers and we start to film. We actually filmed in two placed near the river to see which place is nicer. The weather is quite windy, so the sun goes away quickly. We meed wait untill the sun went back inoder to film.

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