Presenting Ideas Studio Crit

We had a crit on thursday, we show some short cut of the film, because we are still editing the film and we didn't put the sound on it. And we still have one scene to film. We get some feed backs about our project. Peter and Dermot ask us why there aren't sound on the film, we said because we want to do vioce over on it, but peter said we need to think about how does the norator will be like. He also said it's really different between vioce over and story telling. There are different types of story telling like documentry like a news report or a disney kind of story telling. See how much the story tells itself don't over tell it.

Story :

There is a girl(Hongru) that she's really bored of her life. She always expecting something good happens to her without doing anything. So she was really depressed and then she went to her grandmother's house. She lying on her grandmother's bed and nitting, then her grandmother got worried. She talked to this girl(Hongru) to see Aunty Lin which is a Fortune Teller. So she went and meet the Fortune teller. The fortune teller pridicted that there will be something amazing happening in her life. Hongru was really happy about the pridiction so she kept that in mind. There was small lucky things happening to her. But she never notise it. At the end all the lucky things run out and then she got killed. And become an angel.  

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