Grandmother's Scene

Because I was performing the Grandmother and Hongru. And I know how does chinese Grandmother's room looks like. So I'm in charge with the settings and props for decorating the room. I did a mistake, I didn't bring the wig to angea's home and we can't film the grandmother's scene.But at that time we don't really have the props to decorate the room so we had more time to think about what we nned to buy for the room. I bought some flower seeds , Dried sausages, pipers and peanut from china town. I tie the sausages and pipers on. I also brought some sweets, calendar and good fortune posters to angela's place. Angela has some Chinese writings. So we sticks all the things on the wall and place some of them on the table.Because the scene was Grandmother bringing me some tea to drink, then I changed it to dumplings because dumpling is a troditional chinese food. So I bought some dumplings in China town. I wrote the script for this scene, and it's in chinese. We decide to speak chinese in this scene because we want the audience feels that we are really in china. We only use two hours for filming the whole scene and we feel so happy about it. Although we have some problem with lighting, position the camera and the makeups for grandmother. We didn't have the lighting induction so we can't book the light equipment in the loan store. The make up is difficult. Angela did the make uo for me. We all think The make ups looks nice with the light. We didn't record the sound because we think we might record the noise from other people.

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