Angel and Fortunr teller Scene

Me and Angela went to the loading bay to get some card board for the clouds and stars. We came to Pdp Studio in the morning and start to make the clouds and stars.  I booked the Black lab for the Angel scene and Fortunr teller's scene on Friday and Satuarday.  Linda borrow a ladder from the loan store so Angela can film the Angle on the ladder. Linda brought her own black fabric and I also brought a piece of black fabric as well. We place the fabrics on the floor and palce the clouds stars and wings on it. I brought my white dress and then we start to film he angel scene. It's quite difficult to film because of the light. We can see the shadows of the clouds and me. We tried to move the ladder to other place but the ladder's shadow appers on the camera. So we move back again. When I was flying on the fabric, I suddenly have an idea of me eatting marshmallow on the cloud and I told Angela and Linda. They both agree with it and They went to buy the marshmallows from waitrose. They didn't find the marshmallows in waitrose but they found some similar sweets so it's fine.

We come on saturday to film the fortune teller's scene. But we had a problem of doubble booking for the black lab. We waist an hour for resolve this problem. We used the studio theatre at the end. I brought some masks I made before and I think it's suit for the tent. Linda brought some small props for decorating the tent and two lamps. Angela was filming us and we had some problem with the light, Because the scenes in the camera is different with the real scene. We moves the light and adding tissues on the light to make the light smoother. The tent was small and our leg got numbed. But the tent really has the mood of mystery. Exbecially the make ups for Linda. She did the make up by herself and we all like her makeups and think it's really suit for the fortune teller. Before we were asking Sonia to be the Fortune Teller and we all think she is really suit for the character. We ask her but she doesn't have time so Linda became the Fortune Teller. It's end up really well.

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