Costumes and Fabrics For the tent, Grandmother and Fortune teller.

We went to the costume store to borrow some fabrics for the tent, we choose back and grey colours of the fabric. Because we want the tent looks creepy and mysterious. We had some problems with choose the costumes for the grandmother. The grandmother is from china because hongru is a chinese girl, I know how does a chinese grandmother looks like so does Angela. Linda was choosin the costumes for the grandmother aswell and the costume she choose was really British and not looks like a chinese grandmother. In China, some of the old people likes colourful cloth but some others likes dark and simple colours. The old people don't wear legging and skirts. My grandmother likes comfortable and relax clothes. But at the end, we choose the suitable costume for the grandmother. Linda choose the costume for the fortune teller and it's really nice. We also thought about the costumes for the angel, but I have a white dressso we didn't borrow it from the costume store. Linda was looking for the wings for the angel from a party shop near her place and shen couldn't find a good one, so she came back to the costume store and found a really beautiful wing for the angel. she borrowed some jewelry aswell. She also went to a shop on Oxford Street and buy a head pieces for the fortune teller.

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