Group Meeting

Linda brought the script for us to look at, we change some of the scenes and scrips on it and we made a plan on where should we film for each sceneand when are we shooting the film.


Hongru getting bored: At my Place. Because the character hongru needs to be similar to real life hongru. And my place is quite modernised.

Hongru getting bored in Grandmother's house: In Angela's place. Because her room is quite small and the mood of her room is like chinese grandmother's home. It feels warm and cozy.

Hongru went to meet the Fortune Teller: In the tent witch we will make. We need to borrow some fabrics from costume store. Angela and me made a small wood chair when we had the wood workshop induction. We think it can be the small table inside the tent.

Hongru got killed by the waiting character: Haven't decide. Need to be a empty and enough place to film.

Hongru miss the flower by her pursuer: Haven't decide. We need to find the place where siut the flower scene. And the weather needs to be sunny.

Hongru missed the money on the floor: Haven't decide.

Hongru had a tripple egg yolk: At my place.

Hongru saw a shooting star: At my place but need to make some stars and also need to think about how and where we gona shoot this scene. Also need some music for this scene. Linda has a friend who's a singer. She will ask her if we can use her songs as the back music for this scene.

Hongru became an angel after she got killed: We were thinking about to use the flying and we don't think we can use it. So we decide to film it on the floor, we will make some clouds and stars for this scene.


We decide to film hongru feels bored at my place first. So we booked the video camera and tripod for the film. Angela and Linda went to my place the day after. We have four shot scenes that needs to be filmed at my place:

Hongru eatting and looking at the laptop feel bored

Hongru has a tripple egg yolk in one egg

Hongru cleaning shoes.

Hongru mediating.

We start with the egg scene, we used almost 20 eggs for this scene. My cooker is beside the oven and we can't place the camera next to the cooker and we also don't think the views of it looks nice also the light is not bright enough. So we decide to place the pan on the table. I need to make the pan really hot and place it on onto the table quickly and crak the egg quickly so the egg can be cooked well. Our first idea is to put the extra egg yolk in a bowl and when I crak the egg and as the egg went into the pan, linda will put the extra egg yolk into the pan as well, but we can see her hand in the camera. We failed about 3 times then I had another idea to place the egg into a flat plate. Although we can't see Linda's hand anymore, but the egg yolk always break. And once we were practising so long so the pan went cold and we waste another three eggs. But finally we have the good and well cooked scene of the egg. We used almost two hours for this scene. When we finish the egg scene, we start to film the Hongru eatting amd looking at the laptop feels bored scene. It was pretty quick and we only film three or four times of it. Then we film the cleaning shoes and hongru mediating scenes. We get more and more practical and faster for each scene.





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