Week 13

We had a peer tutorial with Peter and Dermot on monday. they let us to build up the exhibitions of our project. I brought some  story boards, Linda brought her sketchbook and Angela made a powerpoint of the experiments we did. We stick some photos and the storyboards on the wall and place the laptop and setchbook on the table. We also put the props we used on the table and wall. Some students like the interpretation with the blood. ( we used red ribbon as the bood coming out from the body) . Frank suggest us to write some notes on the photo's frame we took to help us think about the process. Peter said he can see we got the idea of killing from the video but not necesserily got the idea of killing by time. The class found the video funny and think we are going to make a comedy film. But we wasn't intensionly going into comedy. It's just came out as a result of it was comedy. Dermot said If you do something badly, people will laugh. If you do something with great comic effect, people will laugh but in a different reason.I think because the videos were just a experiments of our ideas, so I didn't performe seriously. And also because the video was showing to our class mate.

I think this tutorial is helpful and we know what we did bad and also get some feedbacks from the student and teacher.

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