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The text discusses Anne and William who met during a screening of one of Jean-Luc Godard's films; and how each of them are unsure yet convinced of their love for one another, whereas their moralities and concerns through life are very different, getting in the way.

There is an ongoing motif of coincidence versus destiny and what makes up fate. Anne, an actress, is devoted to Shakespeare and his timelessness. William however is a firm anti-globalist and does not appreciate Anne's devotion to Shakespeare and doesn't understand this. 

We are constantly reminded of the past versus the present and how this does not help define a better future. In the end, William dies from his injuries when having set the Globe on fire and Anne suicides. The plot is very disjointed and constantly refers to other things happening out of the main plot around the world in other people's lives, yet simultaneously to that of Anne and William's.

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