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When reading through this paragraph of the text, I thought of William as the political activist artist Banksy, having similar morals and beliefs as well as methods of dealing with them such as graffiti:

William speaking to Anne: '"But the city is an occupied city. It is invaded by CCTV that keeps a watch on people’s comings and goings and it is overrun with countless billboards. All the available spots of the city have been bought by companies which try to sell their garish ideas of a better world and recipes for happiness. The city must be reclaimed. I always carry spray paint and wherever possible use it to alter the message of the advertising campaigns. I hijack, as it were, the logos of the multinationals, subvert the narratives, they would like to implant."' (Pourveur, 12).  



Anti-consumerism: sociopolitical ideology that opposes consumerism (buying and consuming of materialistic property). The movement is concerned with the actions taken by large corporations in the sole goal of achieving financial/economic status without any regard to the public welfare.

Anti-fascism/authoritarianism: opposition to the authoritarian and nationalistic system of government and social organization; authoritarian government

(Main definition source: Wikipedia) 

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