Group meeting

Group Meeting:

We have a group meeting on wednesday. Angela and Linda shows me an app called Pinterest. I found it really useful. We creat a group for our project. In the app, I can find lots of art works about time. Thinking about killing time, I suddenly came up with an idea of one person sitting next to the bid printer and the printer's printing paper with big Time on it. While it's printing, The person take out the printed paper and tearit into piecesthen throw is to the bin. I was thinking to use the shredder at the begining, but we couldn't find it in the loan store and library.  This performance is showing we can't kill time because it's an ongoing thing.

I also thought about the burning matches. I was thinking to use matches or candles as a prop to burn it in exact 5 mins. I want to use it as a symbol of time. Then linda came up with an idea of one person buring matches for 5 mins alone on the street. So we went to buy some matches and we find a Garden next to Euston Road. Linda is the person who's going to burn the matches and I will film at the front, Angela will film aroud her and film some close up to her. So we can have different angels of her. As we walk back to uni, we also took another video about Linda standing infront of the kingscross station. This time I was filming and linda is still burning matches then angela appears on the scene and she hold an umbrella for her. This is only part of our experiment, we will keep developing ideas through the time.

Time and project Managing workshop:

Jenny and christabel gave us a form for us to make our own timetable. We work in our group and make a timetable for Unit3 project.

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