Week 12

Peer Tutorial with Peter and Pete:

In this session, peter and pete ask us to present a 1 minute presentation of our unit 3 part 1. They give us 45mins to discuss how we gonna use this 1 minute to present. I was discussing to Angela about this presentation, we were goig to talked about our ideas and the experiment we want to do. But after we saw the first group's presentation, we changed our idea. Because the first group was presenting a performance to show their ideas of Time. So we suddenly decide to do the experiment we came up with. We performed our idea about waiting kills. Because we all like the idea of waiting, we concentrate on the emotions and feelings of waiting for somone or someting. Peter gave us some advise. He said try to show this performance to people we don't know, because when I'm performing, my cassmate all starts to laughing at me because they found it  funny. And also I was nervours and I couldn't concentrate. But people get the meanings of our performance. We will keep on developing ideas and keep on experimat ideas.

Core skills. Storyboard:

Andrea taught us about Storyboard for Film.


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