Week 11

Costume measuring workshop:

In this workshop, Jenny taught us how to measuring people in a correct and formal way. I also learned what things should I do and what things should I avoid.

When I'm measuring a person, I should always be friendly and respect to people.

When I'm taking measurment, I should stand on the side of the person.

Take the measure in the correct order, from top to below.

Ask the person kindly to take their shoes or any items from their pocketc. ie. mobile phones, wallets and bulky clothing, ie. jumpers, layers.

Take all the measures even I don't need to. Because it might usefull for the future.

I also need to ask some questions to the person. Like Allergies, Shoe size, Bra size, Collar size and Glove size( in inches).

Ask the person to stand on a piece of paper and draw the shape of his feet. So it's easier for me to choose the shoe size.

I found this workshop really usefull. I think I will use this skills i my future projects.

Peer tutorial with Peter:

This session is about giving feedback for unit 2 part 1. He gave me a very clear feedback and I know what I did bad and what I did well on it. In my work document image I wrote a good first primary research on working with DCL. I didn't write my interest on stage design and I didn't do much research on stage design. I didn't put images on. I didn't have enough secondary research about stage design. For my Unit 2 Part 2, I will work on both primary and secondary research.

Group Meeting:

We had a group meeting in the library, we talk about our developments on time. Then we decide to focuse on waiting and also the body and emotions of people waiting (Waiting Kills).


1. Personal feelings noticed on waiting.

2. Observing other people makes other wait.

3. Clock in a public place.

4. Children tempted with sweets.

5. Notes and reflection.


1. To make the audience experience the feeling of waiting: As a coincidence, someone is late, the audience is quite tired of waiting or get the proess when person A kills person B with something as bow or slingshot " killed by boredom/ Waiting kills".

2. The performing of a feeling being board:

A perfomer has an arro through his bodyand a very said face expression. When someone finally asks him what happened the performer, he says " Waiting Kills". Conditions are pretty much the same.

3. A superhero-look person with a writing "Waiting" on the clothes or paper clothes running aroud the place and killing random people with a bow.

4. Teasing children with sweets. So make them wait.




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