As an artist

All people can be an artist in this era, yes, so I can be.

To me, art is a self identity challenging process which is responsible to one's life. When you are brave enough to step out and try to communicate (not already get an answer of) "who you are" as an unique entity, congratulations, you are already an artist!

Of course, no one will actually interest who you are. If you would like to get someone's attention in "who you are", well, this can be a great side business of selling yourself as the product!

As a pastel painter

There are no lines in the nature. Lines are all in our mind.

Pastel is good, and it is a good media because I don't like lines. A mixture of chemical powders of different colors on a paper doesn't need any lines right?

This is why I like pastel drawing. A set of powders (chalks), a small book, a bottle of fixer, that's it.

Life as a photographer

Yet I'm totally not a famous photographer at all, and I'm not talented to be. I'm just a photographer for records and records.

Photos are moments of our life, and they are records of every second that we spend. Some may have more seconds, some may have less seconds. However, all of us would like to keep certain moments in the past no matter what. These moments can be an impression or memory, a memory of life events, a memory of a place, etc.

We definitely feel warm when we are living in our memory, at least I think so.

Life as a project manager

Life as a project manager in an investment bank, is like struggling between stakeholders everyday. The most interest part is that I need to find a way out for survival every year, just like a new journey, even though I'm still in the same position in the same team.

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