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I was inspired by Piero Manzoni's "Artist's Shit", 1961 where he packaged his own faeces in a can and it is now valued at 124,000 euros. For this project, I responded to the research with an idea of packaging something that nobody would want to buy such as fart gas and I would design and package the fart to sell on the Made to Persuade event. This gave me the opportunity to engage in packaging design and explore the potential of packaging in adding value to a worthless product. As the final product, I decided to replace actual fart with fart bombs as I will be selling these boxes to people in the event. Therefore, I handmade 17 boxes of the "Fart Pack" each box containing a single fart bomb. The boxes are made of thinner cards and the graphics are screen printed on to sugar paper and cut to create sleeves for the boxes. I made a total of 14 black boxes and 3 coloured boxes in pure white, pink and orange.

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