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I am Influenced by a wide a variety of art forms, such as architecture and theatre design, it has left me exposed to a multitude of artistic elements, from spatial awareness to materials and structure. This and my personal experiences have played a huge role in my work, where I often use personal events to express, explore and experiment.


I don’t say everything but I paint everything’ – Pablo Picasso This quote is more relevant than ever, as I am studying Performance Design and Practice at Central Saint Martins. The course has given me a new-found confidence to try new techniques and has broadened my horizon. I have been given the time to experiment with all the aspects of performance, including costume design, creation of props, special effects, set design, storyboarding, animation, character design and gaming. All of this has opened my mind to audience interpretation instead of the focus simply aimed at my own journey. The audience is now part of my design.


Central Saint Martins has changed my process of thinking: Research is paramount, the backbone to any new design. I find inspiration in historical events, societies, views and attitudes and draw upon them accordingly. Eat Me was the title of a highly influential brief I worked on. I immediately associated those words with stories such as Alice in Wonderland, Sweeney Todd, Animal farm, Pans Labyrinth and the relevance of these stories within a contemporary society.


This year has allowed me to experiment with new materials, such as vacuum forming, wire constructions, building large-scale models, and working independently as well as relishing the collaboration process. I have experienced creating work with different time restrictions and I am able to meet deadlines.


In 2014, I fundraised for Operation Wallacea, a conservational charity located around the world, which helps to collect data and serves to protect both the island’s environment and marine life. This summer I went to Dominica, working alongside Op Wall at Clement University, collecting data on the biodiversity of taxa. My interest in science, nature and the environment has allowed me to interpret each brief with a fresh prospective. 


I am fortunate enough to have visited museums in Paris, New York and many in London. One of my favourite galleries is the Royal Academy of Art, which opened my eyes to works that portray often controversial, ferocious and intense messages. Most of all, however, they are inspiring. Seeing art up close is a crucial element of my research, as this allows me to continually learn and question new forms, expanding my creativity towards future projects.


I have been exposed to a number of theatre performances which have inspired me to work in the performance industry. The life-like puppetry in War Horse, the immersive set design of Les Enfants Terrible’s production of Alice’s Adventure Underground and Susan Hilferty’s ingenious yet practical costume designs for Wicked


In January 2016, I will be embarking on my first professional placement with a new emerging Theatre Company, looking for artists to design something that completely immerses the audience into the world of the play How To Curse by Ian Mchugh. The outlined criteria are detailed and must be completed within set deadlines. I hope this experience will enable me to flourish and to gain invaluable knowledge that I can use in my BA studies. 


I love stories, understanding the human psyche and lifting the world of the characters from the page, not only for the audience, but also as a bridge for the actors to cross, from reality to the suspension of disbelief. A degree would be my bridge, a safe environment to test my limits and develop a sturdy foundation and  knowledge about the performance and effects Industry.


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