Thomas Hirschhorn


Thomas Hirschhorn (born in 1957, Bern, Switzerland) lives and works in Paris. Since the 1980s, the former graphic designer has evolved a radical sculptural installation practice.

In his explanation of In-Between, he states: "The aesthetic of In-Between borrows from pictures of destruction-destruction by violence, by war, by accident, by nature, by structural failures, by corruption, by fatality. I want to es

tablish a body of work which encompasses Antonio Gramsci's quote. Without being anecdotic or literal, I can testify that to set-up a work in an exhibition space which gives form to destruction is indeed as difficult as anything else. With In-Between I want to create a new form, I want to propose an experience, an art-experience in the range of 'successes?, failures and in-betweens.?  




Das Auge (The Eye) is one of Thomas Hirschhorn?s largest and most visceral sculptural installations.Hirschhorn is renowned for his sprawling, immersive artworks that use everyday materials, found images from the news and mass media, and impassioned graffiti-like texts to engage audiences in actively thinking about politics and philosophy. Hirschhorn is interested in the aesthetics of political protest ? slogans, placards, provocative photos ? and in moving people to think and act critically in the world.



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