Maison Margiela AW15 ‘Défilé

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Galliano was articulating those adolescent feelings of growing up and not quite fitting into your surroundings with girliness rendered in Polaroid-inspired sepia tones. In the press notes, it said that ?innocence is celebrated? but more than that, this was a collection for the misfits and mavericks out there ? perhaps an allusion to Galliano himself. Imperfections are also celebrated and again, there?s no better designer to bring forth beauty from unexpected places. 

Galliano?s debut ready-to-wear collection for the newly renamed Maison Margiela was a brilliant, bold and marginally unsettling study of character­; a spectacular unison of his renowned theatrical flair tailored to the masterful modernism and understatement of the house. ?I wanted it to look as if those girls had walked out onto the wrong runway,? he explained.







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