>How did looking at student work this morning inform your own?

-I could look at some great sketchbook, and also I could not understand some student's idea development from sketchbook.Then I noticed my sketchbook is not clear for others can understand about my ideas development.Because some drawing of my idea developing was drawn in wrong order.Of course,I can understand my idea.but I think some other people can not may understand about that.

>Have design sheets furthered the development of your ideas?

-No.Because I noticed my sketchbook is may unclear for others understand about my idea development.So when I started making design sheets,I was so confused how can I make design sheets clearly and good for understanding.

>What feedback did you get from group presentations?

-My group mate gave me some advice for the material."You shouldn't use paper,because it is too flat.You have to make 3D shape.And your work is extended to upper side. if you want to express the food is like floating I suggest you make your work extend more other direction like front and back of the face." Actually, I worried what the materials should I use for express the fruits on the last class and asked a teacher.He gave me some advices "You should use paper for making fruits and make fruits are looks like escape from the packaging,jumping out." I am suffering with these opposite advices.But I am going to try to make model that focus on the 3D shape by using the paper fruits.I combine paper fruits and make 3D shape. In addition,I was given the feedback about "how to attach your work on the body?"I did not consider about that well yet.Then they gave me good ideas" How about make your work fit on the jaw or hang from the ears."So I will making the model first,and try to attach the body.

>Do you need to do more research to develop your proposal?

-Yes.Because I need to develop my idea more for attaching on the body.After the class, I came up with the idea that in the water has similar environment to in the universe.For example,there are not air and people and things can float (It is like zero gravity).So I pour shaving gel instead of the water into the vacuum packaging with paper fruits,because before eat space food(dry food),the astronauts pour water into the package for melting food.

>How can your design sheets improve?

-My idea is very simple thinking,so I think I do not need to write much explanatory note on the sheet.I tried to consider layout of design sheets, but I could not know is it good layout for others can understand easily my idea.I need to ask teacher and my classmate about it.

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