Today I just continued making my final product which takes a very long time and a lot of marshmallows! Halfway through when explaining my initial ideas and journey with them to Marie she suggested using a thin metal wire to hang the marshmallows from for the skirt as opposed to thread. The marshmallows began singing but with just twisting the wire a bit they could hold on easily. This was therefore very good idea however due to the weight of both the wire and the strength of marshmallows I was unable to find a successful way of hanging these from the dress without using glue (because I wanted the dress to stay edible). Therefore I simply continued the dress the way I began and finished it on Wednesday evening. Despite potentially not being a will to wear the dress as I did not make a base strong enough I actually quite like the outcome and if I were able to start again I would begin immediately was creating a very strong base adding cling film on top and then sticking on the marshmallows as I did which would then not only make the dress edible but also wearable.

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