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After having tried out these various options with the marshmallows, I wanted to try decorating the arm cast with some of the other sweets I bought. I therefore used the piping icing as glue to create a pattern with M&M's onto the cast. They actually stayed surprisingly well, and even after a night in the refrigerator they were fairly sturdy. 

I also wondered what it might be like if I tried to colour the marshmallows and therefore (not having food colouring with me) tried putting ink onto the mini marshmallows. I first dipped them in water in order for the ink to spread out and create an interesting unique pattern. This actually looked quite good, however when furthering the concept for my final design, I found that I would rather keep it edible and see the process of construction versus deconstruction if people were to be able to eat off of it once complete. I therefore imagined that I could wrap another couple layers of cling film over the tape of the cast. 

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