Today I wanted to actually try testing out different materials and methods to use in order to create my final outcome. I felt that it was very important to try at this point because the final would be due in around 4 days.

My initial plan was to create a bodice cast using someone as a reference and then create a looser skirt for which I would have to first test different methods. I remembered that for the Reveal project someone had made a cast of their partner's bodice using tape and so I wanted to try this method. I therefore asked her how she had made it and she kindly instructed me, also sending me an informative video on how to do so (see to the right). To create the cast I asked a friend to wrap cling film around my upper-body (without the arms as I wanted to create a strapless dress) and then create layers of tape over the cling film (I had a new roll of duct tape). However, on the roll of tape there was not enough duct tape to even go around 2 proper layers while I was supposed to do 4-5. Therefore the cast was not very successful and while it held together I decided to move on to try something else. I tried creating a seperate cast of my arm with different thinner tape (which would not have sufficed for a bodice cast) in order to have a smaller cast upon which to practice decorating/creating patterns with sweets.Unfortunately as I was making it alone, the cast was too tight and was very difficult to cut off, rendering a slightly odd misshapen arm cast (but at least I had something to practice on). 

I wanted to test out how to use various sweets and fondant icing today to create the dress's design and so bought various materials such as marshmallows, icing (fondant and decorative), M&Ms, skittles, chocolate, etc. In a previous class Gary suggested the idea of a marshmallow skirt, and I found this very interested and therefore thought of how I could possibly create a 'quilt'-like skirt out of marshmallows by perhaps sewing them together. Upon first attempt this did not really work and the marshmallows ripped apart. Through discussion with one of my friends I came up with the idea of having one long string of marshmallows which I could wrap around a skirt (if I were to produce some sort of wire cage) and glue down the thread to keep it secure in certain areas. Putting the thread through all of the marshmallows was somewhat tedious and quite difficult as the needle and thread would get very sticky very quickly and immediately become more prone to tangling, but I eventually managed to create a little chain of mini marshmallows (that I was using for practice). 

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