Today I continued working on my research a bit in order to further develop my ideas for the dress I wanted to make. I find that sketching ideas out quickly when I think of them firstly helps me remember them and expand on them through drawing, in addition to quickly visualise the outcome to see whether or not it is something I would like to and logistically could create. 

In the late afternoon/evening I went to You Me Bum Bum Train as a volunteer - I had never heard of it before a classmate from PDP (Timmy) asked the class for volunteers as they needed more that night. Looking into it I thought that it would be an exceptional experience particularly as I would like to go into Theatre and Film next year. That night I volunteered as a performer to participate in one of the scenes and while it was quite tiring to do this for around 5 hours almost non-stop, I cherished the experience so much because it was quite a cheerful atmosphere to be in and an amazing thing to be a part of. Seeing the difference between each passenger within minutes of each other also gives one an insight into how differently everyone views the world and respond to environments. Also being there with around 6 other classmates was equally a great opportunity to get to know them more and enjoy their company as the class now has ~40 people in it, I find it more difficult to get to know everyone. 

Overall I would really like to go volunteer for You Me Bum Bum Train again, perhaps in behind the scenes to try something different next time. 

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