Today we focused on doing white card modeling with restricted materials all linked to eating, such as a fork and a spoon, a napkin, a plate and a paper cup (all white). From this we were to represent our idea for the final outcome of the project. I first found this quite difficult as my plan was to try to create a costume/dress from sweets and fondant/cake icing.

My first reaction was to turn the cup upside down to create a skirt, however I was not entirely satisfied with the shape and thus exaggerated it with white card. I equally remembered paper quilling and thought it could be a somewhat interesting technique to display the potential shapes I could try to achieve with fondant on the skirt of the dress or bodice.

It was challenging to get started but once the dress took shape, it was much easier to add and refine the overall sculpture and I was able to finish relatively quickly. I found it very interesting to see what else everybody else had done. Some were much more taken by the materials in front of them and thus adapted their ideas and developed them greatly through the exercise thanks to the restriction imposed on them for the task.

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