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After this exercise we learned about pattern-cutting. We made a cube and then attached it to a paper, cutting out the bottom of the cube and the part of the paper to which the cube was attached in order for us to see the inside of the cube on one part of the paper. From this we cut the 3D shape in order to turn it into a two-dimensional net/pattern once again.

This was somewhat confusing at first and difficult to understand the ultimate aim of when completing one step at a time, but finally I understood that it was in order to create a different net one might not think of when beginning with 2D, however can easily create when beginning with a 3D object. We then tried the same task but using a piece of vegetable as opposed to a cube. This immediately became much more challenging and it was very difficult to properly replicated the shape of a shallot using paper wrapped around it. When I eventually cut out the wrapped paper it was very difficult to create a net and it did not really turn out very well because it was still somewhat three-dimensional. 

Still, moving on from this we looked at how this could be combined with a vest/bodice pattern to create the 3D shape onto the garment. Again this was slightly confusing and challenging to understand at first, as well as achieve but in the end I felt like I understood pattern cutting a lot more than previously. I also found however that I feel as though I have difficulty when transferring 2D to 3D or vice versa in my mind. I found this odd because I usually have a very good visual representation of things, however I think it might be when transferring dimensions that I have slightly more difficulty. 
Overall despite the difficulties face today, I am glad that I tried my best and gained much better understanding of the art than I had before.

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