Today we began by going over the project brief and presentation (to the right), taking notes and discussing the role of food in our lives. Because food is such a major part of daily life I found that I remembered a lot of different things in regards to and about food such as various cultural traditions and how food is viewed through these different cultures, the media, etc.

Seeing as today the diagnostic class joined our specialist class we had many more students and therefore partook in some exercises regarding the project which would also allow us to get to know our new classmates. We hence firstly discussed food traditions each person had and I found that there were some very interesting ones such as eating soup after every meal, or eating a lemon every New Year's to get rid of impurities and have a laugh. Due to the variety of nationalities in the class it was also very interesting to hear about how different cultures view/eat their food within their families, and there were even differences within different families of one nationality. 

We then received a list of vegetables and were to select one, imagine it as a character and illustrate this character without making them necessarily look like the vegetable. I chose a carrot and imagined that this person would like to spend quite a lot of time alone (when growing in the ground) however when out, be very bright and in groups. He would have good eyesight (due to the claim that carrots are good for the eyes) and have a somewhat large chest/shoulders and thin out at the legs/ankles (somewhat following the shape of a carrot). I really liked this task and it was fun guessing what vegetables inspired other people's drawings as well as how they interpreted a personality from a vegetable. 

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