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Presentation Notes

Transformation - food and fairy tales

The company of wolves (directed by Neil Jordan 1984)- red riding hood retelling

  • Story looks at the wolf as being as a charismatic predator
  • Film shares fables centred around food and cannibalism


Indiana Jones (where they are forced to eat monkey brains, making fun of food traditions from other countries)


Eat or Be eaten, work in progress by Asa Norling

  • Hansel and Gretel


The Feast

  • Food as a way of storytelling
  • Food and the ritual of feasting
  • "You cannot force a feast. A feast must present itself'


La Grande Bouffe, directed by Marco Ferreri (1973)

  • Dysfunctional isolated men
  • Key aspect - consumption and decadence


L'aile ou la cuisse - food as a major theme

The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover; directed by Peter Greenaway

  • Set like a staged set
  • Names of characters


Processes involved in creating a feast

  • Preparing
  • Serving
  • Eating
  • Feasting
  • Indulging



Jan Svankmajer, Dimensions of a Dialogue (1983)

  • Three spheres of society (turning into replication)


Erin Peisert I will if you do

Serving and eating as a symbolic dance - modestly female representation


Andy Best & Merja Puustinen, Gas Bag for Edible 2012

  • Venture inside the stomach (surreal digestive system)
  • Sound of the digestive system in action


Algaculture, Symbiosis Suit

  • Mutually living off of each other


The Performance of Dining

Loli Sifakaki, Tantalus Dinner, 2009

Mimi Oka and Doug Fitch, Orphic Feast Series

Hunt and Darton Café

  • Mobile café
  • Create alternative spaces with guest performers to come and be the waiters for a day
  • Always something surreal
  • Perform and ritualise the idea of serving and being served

Meschac Gaba, Museum Restaurant

  • Appauled with the way contemporary african art was always being displayed in museums
  • Recreated the museum restaurant
  • He invited a series of artists to contribute in this dining experience (guest cook and guest artist to perform)

Ann Hamilton, Malediction 1991

  • Taking a bite everyday

Bobby Baker, Drawing on a mothers experience (2007)

  • Importance of the mother's role = undervalued
  • Using own true stories
  • Post martem depression


The ritual as performance

Margret Wibmer, Transition from Arrival to Departure 2013

  • Austrian artist, experiments with dance, music, architecture

Absence of the Teamaster, Akane Nakamori & Margret Wibmer

  • Produced as live performance
  • Based on differences in eastern and western concepts of space, body, rituals
  • Choreography, sound, set

Ortolan Ritual

  • Law banned (hunting of endangered songbird)
  • Before François Miteran died he ate one publicly
  • Drape and hide their head to preserve the precious aromas and hide for such a decadent act
  • Hide one's shame from God

Studio Swine, Slow Fast food Restaurant

  • Press pause on cycle of food consumption speed

Emilie Baltz, Energia 2014

Unami Food festival 2014


Food as Protest

Mark McGowen, Eats a Corgi (2007)

  • Performance artist; political twist on work
  • Often uses food (turkey shoved on head, walking backwards)
  • The way media portrays you as a spectacle
  • Publicly done work, versus what the work is actually about
  • The artist taxi driver

Banksy, Sirens of the lambs 2013

Paul McCarthy, Houseboat Party & Pirate Party 2005

United Brothers, Does this soup taste ambivalent? 2014

  • Highly toxic soup using vegetables grown near Fukushima


The World of Food

Carl Warner, Foodscapes since 2012


Food as Another

Lucy & Jorge Orta, Wikheizij, - Mil 2010

Joseph Marr 2013

  • Candy sculpture

Christopher Bofolli


Takao Sakai 2008

Will Cotton

Lady Gaga Meat Dress


Historical Food Dresses

Sébastien Michel

High frequency sounds enhance the sweetness in food, while low frequencies


Captain Biopunk, The Sound of Fermentation, 2012

  • Yeast (amplifying the sound of fermentation)

The Recipe Project


The British Museum of Food


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