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Fashion is commodity because it's a product good that is bought and sold in the industry, while money is the factor that drives the industry in full circle. Fashion brands use media, photography, flagship stores' design, and packaging to portray their identity to the public, who aspire to share the same identity as the brand.

In my creative outcome, I wanted to portray the irony of fashion brand. Sometimes the collections being sold expensively in the store don't even have good quality. Bringing humor to this topic, I chose to create a strawberry store. A store that only sells strawberries like a luxury boutique. The interior is designed in the way that people might perceive the value of one strawberry differently than when it's in the supermarket. With the marble floor, the glass shelves, and the special service of carving the fruit itself with chosen alphabet, I've included the element of customization, advertisement, and brand identity into this outcome to project the fact that, by doing so, a strawberry is not just a strawberry anymore. It has become a commodity that it's value is more than it really is because of the external marketing factors. 

The same thing applies to fashion. We, as consumers, want to wear something that suits our own aesthetics or identities. Therefore, we seek the clothes we wear based on what we see in the public, which is what the brands put out in the media: advertisement, window display, the design of the store, customization service, and editorial. Within these, we would decide which is suitable for our lifestyles and therefore go to the shop to buy items we want.

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