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"Born in Seoul in 1962, Suh spent his childhood living in a traditional Korean-style home, complete with a wall-enclosed garden entered through an ornate gate. His father, Se-Ok Suh, a renowned painter, designed the house based on drawings secretly commissioned in the 1820s by Sun Jo, the 23rd king of Korea. The king wanted to know how his subjects typically lived and requested a simple home in such a style to be built on a corner of his land. One hundred fifty years later, Se-Ok Suh used the plans to build his family a solid home, one which managed to survive the massive demolition and reconstruction of Seoul throughout the ’70s and ’80s. The house left a deep impression on Do Ho and is the basis for many of the works seen in this exhibition, now rendered in fabric and resin, digital projections and miniature brick.

Suh earned his BFA and MFA at Seoul National University, fulfilled his mandatory military service, and then headed to the USA where he completed his studies at the Rhode Island School of Design and Yale. The housing he occupied during that time also made quite an impact on him, as well as the place he lived during this one-year term as artist-in-residence in Berlin and his studio in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. In all, four of Suh’s various residences are represented in the seven installations and several supporting displays in Perfect Home, and in every case, there is the sense of palpable longing for that first Korean home left so long ago."

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