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“As time goes by, the food from my work do go through a progression of disappearance due to the nature of food and gets gradually changed into the hideous state fading its shape and color in the process.” - Sung Yeonju 

Yeonju poses together two somewhat contradicting notions (of eating and weaing) creating an interesting combination which in end she calls 'Wearable food', despite the garnments being neither made to eat or to wear. 

"These dresses completely contradict the purpose and notion of clothing. Not only are they destroyed in wearing, but also provide not protection for the body and wouldn’t last a week even if left alone. Why? Beautifully, they are constructed entirely out of edible items, from tomato, to mushroom and eggplant. In this sense, the clothing also completely contradict the notion of food. Who would eat a dress, however beautiful?" 

Source: (http://www.visualnews.com/2013/04/23/wearable-food-from-korean-artist-yeonju-sung/)

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